포항 그리스도의 교회

The church of Christ is dedicated to following the pattern found in the New Testament. Our worship is in spirit and truth (John 4:24). Entrance is according to the teaching of the scriptures (Acts 2:23).

We are a group of Christians who are pleading to “Go back to the Bible!”

Worship with us

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We are a group of people who seek to follow Jesus. We call ourselves the church of Christ as a description of what we are rather than as a title (Romans 16:16). We follow the teachings of the Bible in simplicity, without the intrusion of human doctrine, the same way the early Christians did in the New Testament. We call ourselves Christians, or disciples.
We follow no creed but the Bible and imitate the church of the first century, as we read about it in the New Testament.
We warmly invite you to join us at our worship services to serve God as He commanded and to grow spiritually together with us.
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